Laminated wood boards with solid lamelles

Laminated wood boards with solid lamelles are glued together with elements that are A grade all faces and a solid peace of wood in the whole length of the panel.


The width of the lamelles is falling from 45 to 80 mm.
The glueing is made with PVAc and fulfils the norm D 3 EN 204.


The quality is without any mistakes and perfectly colour matched to an A / B furniturequality.


For furniture manufactures we have 2 different assortments.


Fixed dimensions in the width 1210 mm and different length from 1000 to 2500 mm, and cut to size dimensions according to customers demand.


Thicknesses are 19 / 20, 27, 30, and 40 mm.


An advantage for our customers is the possibility to order special dimensions and thicknesses.


Furniture panels are available in the following wood species:

Beech lightly steamed, oak, maple, ash, akazia, cherry, and walnut.



Beech Panels



Oak Panels



Oak Poles

Oak Poles





Ovengkol                                                           Walnut