Solid wood boards with fingerjointed lamells


Fingerjointed panels are glued together from sticks which consist of fingerjointed elements with a length from 250 to 600 mm. These kind of joints open the possibility to produce panels with a length up to 500 cm. The width of the lamelles is in gerneral 45 mm. Glueing is done with PVAc anf fulfils the requirements of EN 204 D3. The panels are sanded both sides with grid 100.


For furniture and staircase manufactures we can offer the following dimensions.


4000 x 600 ( 800 )x 19 mm
4000 x 600 ( 800 ) x 27 mm

2500 x 1210 x 19, 27, 40 mm

5000 x 650 ( 800 ) x 40 mm
5000 x 650 x 45 mm


Normal quality is an A / B grade without mistakes and very good colour matched.
We also produce the quality " Kern " that means discolourations are allowed.


Fingerjointed panels are also available in different dimensions and thicknesses, accordimg to customers demands.


Beech AB Quality

Buche AB


Beech BB Quality

Buche BB